Special Sessions

Sl No. Special Session Chair Person Call for Special Session
01 Application of Nature Inspired Techniques in Smart Computing Dr. Brojo Kishore Mishra
Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Panda
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02 Application of Biologically Inspired Techniques for Financial Modeling Dr. Partha Sarathi Mishra Click Here
03 Swarm Intelligence Techniques on Real World Optimization Problems Dr. Bijaya Kumar Nanda Click Here
04 The Role of Modern Sensor Technology in Framing Smart Environment and Smart Infrastructure Dr. Sushree Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini
Amiya Bhusan Bagjadab
Dr. Santosh Kumar Majhi
Dr. Brojo Kishore Mishra
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05 Role of Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques in Modelling Recommender System Mrs. Monalisa Jena
Mr. Ranjan Ku. Behera
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